We're just kids, but we can help!

Hi! We are Michael and Merrick and we're brother and sister. We're 10 and 13-years old and we beleive KIDS can do a lot to make our world better, so we started Kare By Kids to give kids their own place to help other kids, and raise awareness about things like bullying, being different, helping kids that get sick with cancer, and helping hurt animals. Click the button below to find out more and be part of this Kare By Kids project.

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Dragons and drifters

What are the dragons and dragon drifters you see on this site?

The dragons can sometimes look scary, but the ones here are nice. They help people and our world. Dragon drifters (like the one on the right) live behind the clouds and work with dragons to help people.

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Bully busters

Bully Busters is where kids can help

kids and get together to stop bullying. No one should be

mean to someone else.

We're all different

Kritter kare

Kids conquer cancer

Cancer is serious and cancer is scary. We want to help kids that have cancer and

fight with them. We also want

to help by raising money.

All animals need to be loved! Kritter Kare is where we will help animals

that are being abused, and

help find them good homes.

Being different doesn't make a difference! Everyone in the world is

different from everyone

else, and that's good!

GO GREEN and be a Kare Kid and help someone! There are lots of things you can do to help. You can visit a

sick kid at the hospital and sit with them, you can save an animal from being abused, and you can help a kid that's being bullied at school. When you help someone, send us a picture and tell us, and we'll send you a green Kare Kids wristband! If you want, we can put you on our web site and tell how you helped someone.

We'll only use your first name and keep your information private. To tell us the story of how you helped someone and get a green Kare Kids wristband, click the button below.

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Hi I'm Michael

A "letter" from Michael goes here.

Hi I'm Merrick

Hi, my name is Merrick and I wanted to have this web site to raise awareness for Kids with cancer and bullies, and even the safety of animlas. We want Kids to know that it is ok to be different and that you can help too! Being a Kid doesn't just have to be about going to school and worrying about grades. You can help our world too, and I'm inviting you to help me!

Kids caring for animals

A web site by kids to help kids with bullying, caring for animals, and helping kids fight bad problems like cancer.

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